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lower your dongers

Interactive iOS game with 30 levels. App Store.

The next viral sensation, this game takes you on a journey towards relaxation and inner peace. Fight enemies like Tronald Dump and Micki Ninaj and collect tranquility items to attain ultimate bliss.

Your longtime crush, Nicki Minaj, just proposed to you, and the wedding is coming up soon. You can feel your heart beating fast, your hands clamming up, and your dongers raising. If you walk down the aisle like this, you will surely faint! You don't want to embarrass yourself. So you go to you best man, Jimmy, for advice.

Jimmy says, "Your Dongers are too damn high!!! Before your wedding, you'll have to lower your dongers. Avoid things that stress you and go after what calms you down. Keep your dongermeter low. But beware: there are evil people out there who will try to rile you up."

Ashlee Yilmaz: Memory Board

Rails web app that stores and displays friendship memories. Github.

Ashlee is the best friend a best friend could ask for. These are some of her Ashleeisms: things she likes, things she says, jokes she laughs at, and parts of her life that make her all the more special.


Educational iOS game. In development. Coming soon.


Rails web app. In development. Coming soon.